Product Care

Ceramic Care

All pieces must be washed in hot soapy water, well rinsed and air dried before first use.

The base of jugs may initially sweat, this is normal and will decrease over time.

If using a jug as a vase, please change the water daily.

Please protect any delicate surfaces that may be affected by water marks


Garment Care

We use GOTS certified organic cotton for all of our garments, coloured with azo-free dyes. Such dyes may run or bleed when coming into contact with water for the first time, and cotton is delicate, so please do follow our care instructions to ensure a smooth washing process.

Wash care

We highly recommend washing your garment before wearing for the first time as on occasion, the garment may have taken up excess dye which may transfer if not washed out. 

For the first few washes, please hand wash lightly with a mild detergent. A cold and gentle machine wash is fine for later use. 

  • Put a small capful of mild detergent in a half-filled bucket of lukewarm water (below 30 degrees)
  • Soak the garment for a few minutes, rubbing any soiled areas gently by hand
  • Rinse the garment in cold water to remove the detergent
  • Dry inside out in the shade, preferably hanging straight to reduce creasing
  • If ironing is required, do this inside out and on a low temperature
  • Store garments in a cool dry place protected from sunlight

Please note that drying or keeping your garments in the sun will cause colour-fading. Lighter coloured garments should be kept away from darker, brighter ones when washing.

Woven products 

Our hats, bags and fans are made from natural grasses so marks can be gently cleaned off with a damp cloth. 

To straighten hat brims that have become bent, place the hat onto an ironing board with a damp cloth over the brim. Gently press a hot iron over the cloth covered brim until it is flat. Take care not to burn the rim.  This same technique can be used to flatten any bent fans. A steamer can also be used to relax the grass fibres and reshape. 

Bag Embroidery

If your bag embroidery gets caught or becomes loose, please fix as soon as possible to ensure the full embroidery pattern does not become loose/undone. To tighten, please tie off the loose end of the yarn with a couple of tight knots on the inside of the bag with large enough knots that prevent it slipping through the weave of the bag.