About Us

Founded in 2020, by Joy Timmer and Sophie Quinn,  Anegada is a luxury beach and resort wear brand focused on sharing beautiful ancient craftsmanship techniques from around the world.  Each piece is made by hand, so not one will ever be the same. 

"We first dreamt about building our brand during our travels to India in 2018, the time we first witnessed the true magic of block printing. Blown away by the colour, technique and utmost care placed into this tradition, we really wish to share it with the world - keeping this beautiful, artisanal craft alive. Since then we have gone on to discover further beautiful crafts from around the globe and with each craftsmanship series we produce, we hope to highlight these arts".

 "The heart of Anegada has been, and forever will be, quality of materials, vibrant colour and artisanal personality - with sustainability and craftsmanship always coming as standard. Meticulously designed pieces with both luxury and comfort in mind."