4 Days Of Bliss On The Caribbean Island Of Anegada

The Caribbean is home to the beautiful island of Anegada; the most northern and second largest of the British Virgin Islands. Translating as “drowned island”, it offers a wonderfully flat landscape making it ideal for all abilities to get away. At about 15 square miles and a population of under 300 it really is a natural treasure worth visiting.

Natural beauty and the fantastic experiences on offer make this a truly special destination for a few days away or even a week or two. We offer some ideas for a four day break on this beautiful island, however you may have to return again and again to experience all it has to offer.

Day 1 – Horseshoe Reef And Loblolly Beach

A visit to Horseshoe Reef located on the northern shore is a must. The reef offers the best snorkelling spot in the Caribbean, lobster hunting and diving for conch in the most beautiful waters will make this an unforgettable experience. After enjoying a morning there, you could head off to Loblolly beach, which is also located on the Northern shore. Here, you can enjoy more snorkelling with the delights of spotted eagle rays and barracudas. Swim in the beautiful turquoise water then take a drink in one of the beach side bars along this delightful sandy beach.

Day 2 – Flamingo Pond

Take a hearty breakfast at Neptune’s Treasure, known as having some of the freshest, tastiest food on offer on the island before you head over to the delightful large salt pond nature reserve known as Flamingo Pond. Here, you can catch glimpses of the greater flamingo flock, as well as herons, warblers and osprey.

Day 3 - Anegada Iguana Headstart Facility

This wonderful small nature reserve is home to baby iguana, and aims to protect them until around the age of two, when they become large enough to release back into the wild. Situated behind the Government building you can just let yourself in. If you then fancy a tale of the Virgin Islands, why not take a visit to the Faulkner House Museum dedicated to political activist Theodolph Faulkner.

Day 4 - Cow Wreck Bay

Cow Wreck Bay offers a dazzling secluded beach and stunning sea green water. Beautiful palms, roaming cows, conch shells and a chance to lounge on colourful wooden beach chairs make this the perfect place while away a few hours. Take lunch at the bar restaurant and then perhaps a swim, after all the water is too good not to!

Time to Spare?

Anegada Island offers an idyllic setting with many activities such as kayaking, pedal boats and kitesurfing to fill any extra time. Or, you could always take a scooter ride around the island or a horseback tour to take in all that this little island paradise has to offer.

Sun, sea, sand, beautiful food and a chance to relax in paradise alongside beautiful wildlife certainly make Anegada the perfect holiday destination. However you choose to spend your time, you are guaranteed to see nature at its most beautiful and have a holiday to remember.

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